2Pac and Biggie Tribute by Tes One/creative commons licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

It's a bracing Saturday night and there are about 150 people in Melbourne's Croxton Bandroom eager to hear about murder -- specifically the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

It's an agreeably shambolic event. Greg Kading, a 22-year LAPD veteran who was lead detective on the taskforce that investigated the murders, is currently touring Australia with former gang member and Death Row record label associate Mob James. And it says a lot about the enduring appeal of the rappers and the endurance of conspiracy theories surrounding them that this, "A Night With Greg Kading", can go on a nation-wide tour at all. Kading is sharing the details of the investigation he says solved the enduring mystery of who killed Tupac and Biggie, and why.