(Image: HBO/Liam Daniel)

Chernobyl was, in the now familiar manner, the finest TV series ever, and will be until the next "finest TV series ever" takes its place (what did Fleabag get, about six weeks at the top?). With its moment at the hot centre came the culture war flare-up, Andrew Bolt and other warriors passing up a chance to endorse its excoriation of the now-combusted USSR, in favour of an attack on its de facto anti-nuclear message.

This prompted the unlikely spectacle of right-wing warriors poking holes in the story of how a decrepit self-styled socialist system courted disaster on a global scale. What a dilemma that must have been! How they must have itched to name-check Jez Corbyn! Nevertheless, the right's early-warning system, at least, was working. Chernobyl was a real cultural-political event. But not in the way that the right imagined.