Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany
Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany. (Image: AAP/Tracey Nearmy)

Two years after its one-time half owner Telstra did it, Foxtel is now embracing Netflix -- sort of. Foxtel revealed yesterday that it had struck a partnership with Netxflix to allow streaming to be offered to Foxtel broadcast subscribers (but not subscribers to its Foxtel Now or Kayo streaming services).

The media swallowed this story whole, but it ain’t exactly news. Netflix on Foxtel’s set-top box has been coming for a while. Back on May 9, at the start of the third-quarter results briefing for analysts, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson said: “We keenly anticipate the integration of Netflix into Foxtel’s next-generation set-top box, which will herald the start of Foxtel aggregating other services.”