Earth's moon.
(Image: Unsplash/James Hammond)


For the LBJ fans: Johnson finally gets his due as the true father of the Apollo project (and thus demonstrating LBJ’s genius for true vision, big government and blatant pork-barrelling for Texas). At the New Scientist, though, they’re maintaining the rage and marking 50 years of hostility to the moonshot. Asked what they want to be when they grow up, American and British kids say “YouTube star”; Chinese kids say “astronaut”.

Where did the moon come from? The theory has radically changed in recent years (I fondly recall reading a book in my teenage years that argued the moon was in fact a vast hollow alien spaceship placed in orbit around Earth, which remains the most plausible explanation of it, for mine). And if you want to feel small, cosmologists have mapped our local region of the universe. Careful where you tread; it’s a long way down.