Three pallets of cardboard for recycling
(Image: Unplash/Alfonso Navarro)


Let’s start with three must-read pieces:

  • “The Jews of Harbin”: an astonishing read — by turns funny, devastating, enraging and deeply bewildering — about the history of the Chinese city of Harbin, and its current devotion to Jewish stereotypes.
  • Luke Pearson offers some history in response to Scott Morrison’s claims about the history of Indigenous protest. Richly deserved, after Morrison restarted the Indigenous recognition process last week and then killed it a day later with that “third chamber” garbage.
  • And the remarkable Witold Pilecki got himself arrested by the Nazis to get into Auschwitz and document the Holocaust. The Allies refused to believe him.


We have a fundamental disagreement about the rate the universe is expanding. Rare — but fortunately not too rare — phenomena could fix it. And is there any way of living with both palm oil and biodiversity? Some scientists think there could be — and others are savaging them.