Anthony Albanese Labor leadership 2019 federal election
(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Attention reader:

  1. This article is about the Labor Party
  2. This article is about the Labor Party because it lost an election it could have won handily, and now is the time to make changes and get in new ideas
  3. It is not about the Liberals and what poobums they are because i) that simply increases the sense of self-righteousness that led to fatal smugness in the first place, and ii) the seven people who read me who are Liberals know what they are and are not going to be convinced to be otherwise by the likes of me
  4. It is not about the Greens because we will get to them
  5. For I will consider that cat, Anthony...

Labor's capitulation to the Coalition’s entire tax programme last week has been taken by some as a sellout afresh, the next betrayal, etc etc. To be honest I find myself utterly bewildered by that attitude. Once it was clear that Centre Alliance had made a deal and had also so quickly and easily dominated Jacqui Lambie that her vote was gone, Labor’s vote against would have made no difference.