Has Jacqui Lambie sold her support for the government’s tax cuts for too small a price? Readers seemed to think so. Many agreed with Guy Rundle yesterday that the deal amounted to selling out Tasmania, though some pointed out that the same scrutiny should be applied to the entire crossbench. Elsewhere, readers took some time out to reckon with the idea of a Boris Johnson prime ministership.

On Jacqui Lambie’s tax support

Peter Frank writes: Criticism of Jacqui Lambie is justified but personally think Guy has slammed the wrong cross-bencher. Why let that pompous pair of Centre Alliance hacks off the hook? They posture as serious, balanced centrists yet unblushingly approve a patently unfair (and economically irresponsible) $158 billion tax cut package — for some piddling gas price reductions!

Ian Hunt writes: I don’t think it matters. What the opposition should stress is that more than tax cuts will be needed to prevent Australia sliding into recession and that, given construction is shovel-ready, the need is to pursue social housing construction and commit the Tasmanian government to increasing social housing rather than just topping up its budget. The very sound point about the long term aim of the government to eliminate the welfare state can be met if a public disillusioned with Coalition mismanagement of the economy puts an ALP government back in, which can then introduce levies to fund public health and public schools.

Stuart Gaunt writes: Jacqui, for all her huff and puff about supporting the battlers, has just put the final nail in the aspiration of working and middle class Australia. Stage three of the Liberal tax cuts represents the fountainhead of the Thatcher/Reganite dream — a flat tax system that ensures high-earners hoover up all the assets and inequality is entrenched for generations. That Tassie public housing better have bunk beds.

On Boris Johnson’s leadership potential

Denise Marcos writes: Boris Johnson would do his country honourable service if he took up wine crate decorating full time. Or even gongoozling – anything to divert his activities from Westminster.

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