magic mushroom study
(Image: Unsplash/Lucas Benjamin)


Here’s a beautiful example of neoliberalism in action — as close to perfection as it’s possible to get. In the US, you can’t file your taxes online with the IRS. Lobbying by tax companies means you’re forced to use a corporate filing system if you want to do it online. But you are supposed to be able to do it for free. Except, the scammers at Silicon Valley’s Intuit use web trickery to make people pay, reaping billions in the process. The Reply All podcast discusses the scam with ProPublica’s Justin Elliott (the Propublica stories can be found here).

Meanwhile, neoliberalism helped destroy America’s technological advantage over its military rivals. You may remember from a previous Side View the colossal Foxconn factory one Wisconsin town attacked its own citizens in order to build. Well, after years of hype, they’ve only just started building it, and it’s even smaller than the scaled-down version previously pitched.