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What will it take for the government to take notice of Australians’ demand for climate action? Crikey readers, along with protesters at Australia’s Extinction Rebellion, are asking the same question, and all signs are pointing to further disruptive action. Elsewhere, readers lamented what was lost in the closing of local story archives at ABC Open.

On Australia’s Extinction Rebellion

Terry Marlin writes: We are facing a catastrophic and existential threat. The policies of the Australian government aren’t reflecting this, its business as usual. Until responsible and appropriate action is taken by governments (ideally a big shakeup of the entire system), I support the tactics and escalation of Extinction Rebellion.

Graham Barnes writes: Not since the Moratorium rallies of the 1970s have I ever seen so much public demonstration of quite justifiable peeves, while politicians seem oblivious to the messages that are being conveyed to them. I am pleased that actual rioting has yet to happen here in Oz, that the demonstrations are rowdy but injury and property damage has yet to occur — but for how long? What does it take to get through to the dunderheads in Canberra that this nation is facing serious potential problems which, if neglected or ignored, will become disasters? I’m not holding my breath, yet!

On ABC Open

Ken Boyne writes: Like many, I lament the closing of ABC Open and its capacity to give voice to people around Australia and the colour and uniqueness of their many voices that have built and continue to build the character of Australia. The sad reality for the people in rural and remote Australia is that their predilection for continuing to elect to power the very politicians that don’t care. Expect more.

Robert Tullberg writes: Closing ABC open doesn’t seem right to me. Those stories from rural and regional Australia are so important to me. We need to hear and celebrate the achievements of the provinces.

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