pyne defence
Former Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne. (Image: AAP/David Mariuz)

Here's the reason why Christopher Pyne is joining consulting firm Ernst & Young to provide "strategic advice to EY, as the firm looks to expand its footprint in the defence industry." E&Y is badly trailing the other big four consulting firms in getting contracts with the Department of Defence -- the biggest area of growth in contract revenue in the Australian Public Service.

In the current, nearly completed financial year, E&Y has only obtained around $31 million in contracts from Defence, according to the Austender website. PWC has secured over $45 million in contracts. Deloitte has $76.6 million, while KPMG has over $159 million. As Michael West, the best scrutineer of the activities of the big Four in Australia, has said, KPMG is the big four darling of defence.