State of origin 2019 tv ratings
(Image: AAP/Richard Wainwright)

NSW might have won the second State Of Origin game convincingly (38-6) but Nine went all shy in its Monday morning brag and forgot to mention the 12%-plus slide in audiences from the first game. Game one averaged 3.20 million nationally; last night’s rain- and wind-swept match averaged 2.79 million -- a difference of 403,000. 

Nine had a main channel share of 34.2% against 39.0% for game one -- another sign of the weak response from viewers, especially in the heartlands of Sydney, Brisbane, regional Queensland and NSW. None of those regions had a million or more viewers last night. That is a noticeable thumbs-down from the core audience for a game that promised a lot. Nine can hope for a bigger audience for the third and deciding game early in July, at least with NSW viewers.