the voice tv ratings nine
(Image: Nine Entertainment)

So-called "intruders" are now a staple of our reality TV shows. Its an admission by the producers and the networks that these programs run on for too long, that audiences become jaded and need inducements to keep watching. Last night The Voice did it.

The ratings for the 2019 series have held up and been dominating for Nine, so you have to wonder why this one off trick was needed. But the format helped The Voice crack a new Tuesday high last night of 1.41 million viewers nationally. That meant it was Nine’s night easily, again. House Rules on Seven had a weak 732,000. Ten's MasterChef could only average 870,000 viewers. In regional areas Seven’s 6pm news led with 650,000, then Seven News/Today Tonight with 586,000, The Chase Australia 5.30pm with 424,000, Home and Away with 412,000 and The Voice with 388,000.