AFP investigators leave the ABC's Ultimo headquarters (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

You can't really go past the media as an industry obsessed with itself. And the AFP raids on Annika Smethurst and the ABC -- reinforced by a truculent posturing by acting AFP head Neil Gaughan yesterday -- have brought that to the fore. Peter Greste -- whose most recent contribution to media freedom was to attack Julian Assange -- is calling for a media freedom act to exempt journalists from prosecution in national security cases.

It was like this with data retention: the media ignored the threat of data retention for years before, as the legislation was actually passing in 2015, and kicked up a stink about journalists' metadata being seized. A "journalist information warrant" process was then cobbled together to provide some nominal protection for the media. Everyone else who was affected by the legislation, however, could get stuffed. There was no media campaign for them.