AFP investigators leave the ABC's Ultimo headquarters (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

As the shock waves of yesterday’s Federal Police raid on the ABC — following a similar raid on News Corp editor Annika Smethurst shortly before — continue to be felt, readers took to the comments to discuss the implications on Australia’s press freedom. As was pointed out, this goes beyond the media. Elsewhere, readers considered the future moves the Greens may take.

On the AFP media raids

Marcus Hicks writes: Notice they were too scared to exercise these powers back in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Now they know they’ve got another three years to screw the nation over, they’re more than happy to go full Gestapo on the media… even the ones who supported them in the recent election.

Gregory Bailey: This government will increasingly be interventionary in support of selected corporations and rent seekers, and whilst this might seem to violate neoliberal purists, it is really what neoliberal political-economy is about: crony capitalism of the worst kind. Part of this involves limiting civil liberties at a time when the majority of the population finally see what certain economist foresaw in the mid-eighties. Where the whole thing will collapse is in the diminution of aggregate demand due to stagnant wages and productivity.

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John Richardson writes: Perhaps the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition could explain why it is that their number one priority in upholding our nation’s laws appears to be to intimidate, persecute and prosecute those who would have the decency and integrity to expose criminal behaviour?

On the Greens

Roger Clifton writes: If the Greens platform restricts itself to broad statements of principle, they can be interpreted on the fly as the occasion demands. This gives freedoms to the candidates as they make promises before an election, and then freedom to act as spokesmen for emerging environmental issues as mounting climate disasters bite. Here is one emerging opportunity for leadership that mainly the Greens can see, and an area that the public expects the Greens to competently address.

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See how power works in this country.

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