afp raids
John Lyons (left), executive editor of ABC News, is followed by an AFP officer. (Image: AAP/David Gray)

Here's the likely outcome of the AFP raids on Annika Smethurst and the ABC: after a couple of days of jumping up and down, the media will move on. News Corp will go back to supporting any increase in security agency powers proposed by the Coalition. Nothing will change. And security bureaucrats and politicians know that. There will be more raids, in the future, and the same cycle will play out.

Some journalists and commentators might grumble that Labor has failed to do its job in opposing the endless extensions of security powers and the readiness of the government to call in the flatfoots when embarrassed. Just so, but as Crikey noted yesterday, the moment Labor actually tries to play the role of opposition on such matters, it cops "soft on terrorism" from the media. There are no votes, and not even any nebulous goodwill, for Labor in doing its job properly.