the chase australia tv ratings
(Image: 7Plus)

A real case of the demographic game on Wednesday night, according to the morning brags from the networks. Nine says it won 25-54s and Ten says MasterChef was the most watched program for under 50s. Seven won total people and the main channels (biggest brag of all). However the reality is that the expensive 7.30 to 8.30pm offerings from Nine (Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, 744,000 nationally) and Ten  (MasterChef, 840,000) were beaten by the combination of 7.30 (905,000) and Anh’s Brush With Fame (938,000). Seven’s House Rules had 948,000 national viewers.

The really grim reality for all the expensive commercial programs is that the most watched non-news program last night was the half hour of The Chase Australia from 5.30 to 6pm with 1.05 million viewers. That tells a lot about how viewers were not really interested in watching the commercial networks after 7pm.