Pauline Hanson

Which party improved its performance most on Saturday? If you only read the mainstream media, you'd think it was the LNP in Queensland, which picked up a surprise swing that saw Labor go backwards in the Sunshine State. Except, the LNP only got a quarter of a per cent swing, according to the current AEC count. And nationally, the victorious Liberal party went backwards on its primary vote by nearly 1%; in Western Australia, another graveyard of Labor hopes on Saturday, the Liberals lost nearly 2%.

So who did best? Pauline Hanson. In Queensland, One Nation secured over 200,000 House of Reps votes and a swing of over 3% -- and they did it without even a tiny fraction of Clive Palmer's $60 million in advertising, which bought him just 80,000 Reps votes in Queensland on current numbers.