Julia banks campaign
Julia Banks. (Image: Facebook)

Seconds before she would have been swept away, someone pulled Julia Banks off the pavement. Her fuschia woolknit long coat flared briefly, as she was pulled to safety, and the mobility vehicle swept by. It was a beauty too, with GT stylings and a sort of prong, a la Donald Campbell's bluebird. That was how come we’d all been watching it sweep by the doors of the polling place, late afternoon, lost in admiration and nobody noticed it was about to take out the candidate who might decide the election. The driver almost took out a mum and baby behind Banks, but to be honest we were less interested in that.  

Mobility vehicles are big on the Mornington Peninsula, to Melbourne's south-east, which is just about all of Flinders, the hitherto safe seat of Greg Hunt. Here at pre-polling, across from the beach at Rosebud, a place of weather-beaten old soldiers and spray-tan divorcees, MVs seem to be about a third of the traffic. Aussie flags, green 'n' gold, koalas hanging from aerials, Acker Dacker mudflaps, people really make an effort.