Celebrity Name Game TV ratings
(Image: Network Ten)

Will Grant Denyer's Celebrity Name Game end up being all rather Pointless for Ten?  The early answer from last night’s audience reaction to the first ep is yes. 'Name Game is Ten’s third attempt in five years to settle its 6pm problem at the start of prime time ratings. The viewer verdict was just 387,000 nationally. Not good, let’s see how it's going in a week or so. 

Much better for Ten was the welcome return of Have You Been Paying Attention? to the 8.40pm slot -- 1.05 million nationally. More than 200,000 viewers tuned in from the far more expensive MasterChef -- 828,000 nationally. Nine won the night in the metros from Seven, with Ten third and the ABC fourth. Last night it easily accounted for Four Corners on the ABC (663,000 nationally), 9-1-1 on Seven (689,000) and 20 to One on Nine (612,000).