Greens candidate for Kooyong Julian Burnside, Greens leader Richard Di Natale and Greens candidate for Higgins Jason Ball (Image: AAP/David Crosling)

Skyrail’s broad concrete trunks shoot overhead at Willesden Road, the entrance to Hughesdale station. Ghost ‘burb, Hughesdale, Melbourne’s south-east, strips of old Edwardian shops on either side of the street. I can just remember when the station had level-crossing gates, a man in a peaked cap dashing out to them every 10 minutes. Now the old wooden station’s gone, and Skyrail sweeps over, like the future. It's a little thrilling. It definitely won Labor the state election, propaganda of the deed, written in readymix.

Beneath its sweep, at 7.30, on a raw weekday morning, Jason Ball, fresh-faced Greens candidate for here, is talking to a man, stylish chap in leather jacket and pastel scarf, on a $2000 bike, about Safe Schools. It has been going for some time.