Albury farrer
Scott Morrison and Sussan Ley campaigning in Albury (Image: AAP/Simon Dallinger)

Brazil is a country of the future, and it always will be.
-- Georges Clemenceau

Down at an Albury pre-poll centre -- an old showroom, all glass; tractor parts? maternity? I forget -- they’re having a whale of a time, yukking it up. There's Sussan Ley, the miniature Liberal in a blue skivvy, and Kevin Mack, the independent in teal (well, more a cobalt really, teal’s hard to source outside the capitals). The Greens have set up one of those gazebo tents, a roof but no sides, and the rest are sheltering under it as the rain starts in: the Greens and the banana-yellow, mildly pitiable United Australia Party chap.