climate change
(Image: Unsplash/Brad Helmink)

In the last couple of weeks, there have been plenty of journalists complaining about the social media abuse to which they've been subjected in relation to election coverage. The level of contumely directed at political journalists has indeed been noticeably worse, and much of it has been driven by the rage of left-wingers that the media isn't acting as the eager trumpeteers of a Shorten victory. Instead, journalists dare to question Labor policies and push for details. "This election is a contest, not a coronation," Chris Uhlmann correctly noted, and there are many progressives on Twitter enraged at that, prepared to call bias at anyone not acting as a PR agent for Labor.

But on climate policy, the mainstream media -- Nine, News Corp, the TV networks and the ABC -- have indeed failed voters, and spectacularly so, in three crucial aspects.