Yesterday, readers were divided over their opinions on Julian Assange, with the discussion spilling over to today. Meanwhile, Emily Watkins wrote about the politicians steering clear of Q&A, while Bernard Keane explored the small but lucrative niche in politics for angry white men to attack women — and how One Nation is exploiting it. Here are some of the opinions and thoughts this all stirred up. 

On politicians avoiding Q&A

Peter Schulz writes: Have to laugh when right-wingers complain about being “ambushed” by a question on Q&A. Poor dears have lived in their little sheltered workshop of an echo chamber for so long that they can’t understand the concepts of diversity and critical questioning.

On yesterday’s Assange comments

Jock Webb writes: Assange lost me when he started spruiking Trump for the 2016 elections and then Wikileaks dumping on Clinton…like there was nothing on Trump? Journalist my arse, he became a player praising Trump, I think in the hope that he might be pardoned or something. I respect the uncovering of the USA’s evils in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Assange is clearly a spoiled narcissist who treats women badly and as such no doubt understands the Trump psyche better than some.

Rob Gerrand writes: Julian Assange not a journalist? Compare him to the typical Aussie journalist writing for the Murdoch Press, or a women’s magazine, or A Current Affair, or other radio or TV current affairs and news program, or any other of the myriad forms of journalism in social media. Just which idealised version of a journalist didn’t he measure up to? Clearly he has faults, as who does not, but in exposing hidden information he is doing one of the more important roles that a journalist undertakes.

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On “The political business model of angry white men”

Peter Wileman writes: What a sad, sad state we are in where voters see troubled political has-beens like Latham, as a reasonable place to park a protest vote against the main stream, bland, self serving party politicians. Six years of being paid to spew his poison at the taxpayers’ cost. Shame.

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