climate change
(Image: Twitter)

"Tonight, we have an empty chair on stage, I don't think I need to tell you who it's for," says 14-year-old school climate strike leader Vivienne Paduch to knowing murmurs and encouraging hisses during her opening address. It's not the last time an allusion to the sitting member for Warringah gets such response.

Tony Abbott -- along with the United Australia Party's Suellen Wrightson, although that escapes mention -- has skipped the Monday night climate change candidate forum, held at Mosman Art gallery, an exquisitely renovated and converted old Methodist church, crammed with about 250 people. It's organised by the Stop Adani movement and Voices of Warringah, both of whom are explicitly running an "anyone but Tony" line. GetUp aren't official organisers, but they have a little stall at the back. An ABC journo is walking around getting vox pops.