Australian Finance Minister Mathias Cormann loving estimates (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Scott Morrison was touted to call the election on the weekend, but decided to keep the country waiting three more days, finally announcing a May 18 poll early this morning. A lot happened in those three days -- in a burst of pre-election activity, the Coalition made a stack of new appointments to various roles in the public service and, after much infighting, brought the Adani mine slightly closer to being fully approved. But the last three days have also been chaotic enough that the Coalition may wish they’d gone into caretaker mode earlier.

Appointments, Adani and ads

As is often the case for a government in the waning days before an election, the Coalition pushed through a raft of appointments. Since last week’s budget, the government has made 49 appointments, seven of which are former Coalition MPs. These included Richard Alston, the former party president and Howard government minister who was appointed to the National Gallery of Australia Council, and three ex-Liberal federal and state MPs who were put on the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation Board.