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While Crikey readers were taking their time to digest last night’s federal budget offerings, they still took some time out to discuss a wide range of stories. From the question of how many gaffs a broadcaster’s career can weather, to the irony of Pauline Hanson’s foreign-owned media gripe; the broken-record of political and business climate action arguments, and the Coalition’s new “star” candidate for the seat of Reid.

On the extended Eddie McGuire controversies

John Gleeson writes: Eddie McGuire and his immature entitled cohorts think that the art of comedy is sneering at other people. There was a time when people in the public eye were expected to set a decent example; we are wallowing in the yob culture. 

Laurie Patton writes: The more salient question is why is Eddie McGuire allowed to even be an AFL sports broadcaster while he is chairman of one of the participating clubs?

Natalie Rutherford writes: Blokes, generally right wing blokes seem immune from the chop, despite using their privileged positions to offend many in the community.

On Pauline Hanson’s foreign-owned media gripe

Wayne Cusick: She complained about a foreign owned entity who caught her party seeking donations from a foreign lobby group. Ironic.

On politicians’ decade-old climate spiel

Sue Mills writes: The obviousness of climate change affecting Australia, and the sheer bloody awfulness of what it all means, I hope, those old LNP lines about responsibility equaling inaction are almost gone from the public sphere.

Marcus Hicks writes: Given the conniption-fit on display from the usual right wing suspects after any Labor announcement taking action on climate change, you can see why Labor went for an initially tame announcement. The Greens say they are at least willing to work with Labor on getting a better outcome, which puts them streets ahead of the Coalition & their Media Mates.

On the Coalition’s new Reid candidate

Nigel Abbott writes: A child psychologist in the LNP? She’s gunna have her work cut out for her!

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