Roxane Gay
Roxane Gay and Christina Hoff Sommers in the This Is 42 artwork for the event.

Within a movement as broad and complex as feminism, internal fractures are inevitable. Successfully navigating the existence of multiple feminisms is one of the project’s greatest challenges. This was ostensibly the aim of This Is 42’s event #FEMINIST, featuring self-proclaimed "bad feminist” Roxane Gay and “factual feminist” Christina Hoff Sommers. In reality, it turned out a little differently.

I attended the Melbourne event, which moderator Desh Amila prefaced by imploring the audience to be open to hearing from “people we disagree with”. But he really meant person we disagree with: Sommers was reportedly booed and jeered throughout the Sydney event earlier in the week. Her provocative positions on topics like the “myth” of the wage gap and the importance of taking care of men unsurprisingly make her a target of scorn from progressive feminists.