Brexit Spices
(Image: Unsplash/Paolo Bendandi)

My favourite participants from the 2017 Women’s March -- way ahead of the Clinton supporters in their pink pussy hats -- were the young Arab protesters with placards proclaiming “We gave you falafel! Have some respect!"

Immigrants and their offspring should not have to justify their existence in terms of the improvements they’ve brought to the host nation’s diet, but by God it’s true so far as the Anglosphere is concerned.

I witnessed for myself the effects of the looming Brexit deadline during a recent trip to the UK, and so am able to report that the British diet is worse than it’s ever been in my memory. I was sustained by regular meals provided by Pakistani relatives, but even so I lost a significant amount of weight in the course of less than three weeks. The jeans that fitted me perfectly when I left Australia were slipping down around my waist by the time I returned.