Pauline Hanson One Nation
(Image: AAP/Lukas Koch)

It's not exactly news that Pauline Hanson peddles a conspiracy theory about the Port Arthur massacre. Just ask former Nationals senator Ron Boswell. He attacked Hanson for peddling lies about it 18 years ago. Hanson denied it, but even Australia's most prominent firearms lobbying body distanced itself from Hanson over it. Two years ago, a Hanson candidate was doing it again, as well as pushing the conspiracy theory about the 2015 drowning of Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi.

But Hanson and One Nation have never met a conspiracy theory they didn't like, often importing them from the United States or cutting and pasting them from other far-right groups. She's an anti-vaxxer. She peddles myths about the United Nation's "Agenda 21", about plots to impose sharia law and about halal certification, and took up Donald Trump's conspiracy slogan "fake news" with gusto after his election.