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News that One Nation has been allegedly courting the NRA for donations was met with little surprise by Crikey readers. Bernard Keane wrote that the scandal was an opportunity for Scott Morrison to win some hearts by locking One Nation out of Coalition preferences; readers pointed out that many Liberal members are probably on One Nation’s side on this one. Elsewhere, readers discussed the honourable democracy sausage.

On Morrison’s One Nation problem

Ian Farquhar writes: Whether Morrison is inclined to or capable of resisting One Nation’s infiltration by NRA by preferencing them last, he has members of his party base who are so beholden to US Republican ideology and talking points that I doubt his decision matters.  I have personally heard active members of the Liberal Party talk about their “Second Amendment rights” and “constitutionally-protected right to bear arms”. This wasn’t an isolated utterance, as I’ve experienced this bizarre situation twice. The infiltration of Republican and far-right US ideology into the Liberal Party is deep and pervasive, far more so than the legacy of Howard. Crikey itself has commented on Morrison’s own importing of Americanisms in the service of his own political positioning. He would have to defeat this first, explain why he supported it in the past, and he frankly has neither the time nor the authority to do so.

John Gleeson writes: Morrison should immediately seek an interview with Waleed Aly and explain that he did not remember Al Jazeera exposing One Nation’s attempt to have NRA funding, and anyway, it is a matter for the national executive, and he will abide by that decision.

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Claire O’Clemente writes: The only problem is that the Coalition would not consider the NRA an “extreme” group. If fact I suspect that many of them would wholeheartedly endorse it. That, and the fact that they feel they need One Nation preferences to win an election which, lets face it, is the only metric by which decisions are made.

Rosemary Jacobs writes: A very astute suggestion but I doubt whether Morrison has the guts to follow that path. Just maybe, given the strong probability that he will lost his job anyway, he might see it as a path to reduce loss of seats and at least retain his position as leader and the perks that go with it!

On the democracy sausage

Mike Gard writes: I reckon it’s time we elevated the Democracy Sausage to greater heights. I say ” vote one the sausage”. Yes The DSP (Democratic Sausage Party) has a peculiarly nice ring to it and no gender issues which is important.

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See how power works in this country.

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