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Exterior of ACT Magistrates' Court (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas).

Crikey readers reiterated their anger yesterday at the government’s attempt to bury the Witness K whistle-blower trial, which Bernard Keane wrote was Australia’s biggest political scandal. Meanwhile, readers dug into the ramifications of the Nationals’ losses in NSW, and speculated on Mark Latham’s coming term on the NSW legislative council

On the Witness K/Collaery scandal

James O’Neill writes: Thank you for continuing to give this disgraceful affair coverage. There is a great deal more to the bugging of the East Timor cabinet than you mention. It includes the manifest conflicts of interest among senior government officials, both politicians and bureaucrats. Some useful details are given in Clinton Fernandes’ excellent book, Island off the Coast of Asia. As for Mr Moraitis, he was one of two co-authors of the legal advice to the Howard government arguing that the invasion of Iraq was within the bounds of international law. An interesting career path it seems.

Collin Edwards writes: Will the case move faster if there’s a change of government? Don’t hold your breath!

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On Nationals losses in NSW

Jackson Harding writes: It won’t just be pork. The Nationals war cry of “BOONDOGGLE! BOONDOGGLE!” will be heard at full volume throughout regional Australia over then next seven weeks.

Kate Schoeffel writes: The voters out west didn’t vote for the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, just against the Nationals. The Nationals were responsible for the cock up and over allocation leading to the dead fish. I’m pretty sure most of them didn’t even read the SFF policy and are voting for “one of us” rather than a party supporting the big end of town “corporate farmers”.

On Mark Latham’s next move

Denise Marcos writes: We wait with bated breath for Latham’s first test today when explaining One Nation’s attempt to woo funding from the USA’s National Rifle Association as revealed by Al Jazeera. Perhaps this exposé is the trigger (forgive the pun) whereby Latham will claim ethical policy differences and resign from the party having secured his eight year term in the NSW Upper House. Latham suddenly has a legitimate excuse to cut free from Pauline Hanson with this felicitous get out of jail card. Will he use it?

Mark E Smith writes: His renewed parliamentary presence casts a nasty pall over the ALP. Get ready for plenty of little reminders that this guy was once in line to be their PM. Latham will be laughing. Upper house, bully pulpit and a salary plus federal parliament pension. Nice work if you can get it.

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See how power works in this country.

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