The receding waters of Lake Pamamaroo which makes up part of the Menindee Lakes system (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

When in trouble, this government looks to what its Coalition predecessors did when confronted with similar problems. On that basis, expect billions in taxpayer dollars to be fired at National Party electorates in coming weeks. Especially after Saturday's NSW election.

While victory, and hopefully majority government, for Gladys Berejiklian is a win for NSW and a bullet dodged in the form of the wretched NSW Labor Party, the results from rural and regional NSW should induce a feeling of nausea. Not merely is the far-right Shooters Party, which wants to loosen gun laws, expand coal-fired power and hand the Murray-Darling back to irrigators, likely to pick up two more lower house seats, but in the NSW Legislative Council, around 11% of voters statewide saw fit to vote either for the Shooters and One Nation.