NSW election
Leetona Dungay, outside the inquest into the death of her son David Dungay in custody (Image: AAP/Peter Rae)

Indigenous policy rarely gets a serious look in during state elections. That’s why, when One Nation launched a concerted campaign of race-baiting over DNA testing, our anger and grief went beyond the party's proxy policies. Australian media's vacuum of proactive Aboriginal policy coverage allowed their bogeymen to flourish.

Among the more frustrating parts of One Nation’s campaign -- which began with an Aboriginal Rescue Plan and continued with a plan to re-introduce blood quantum -- is its success. Mainstream outlets with high readerships ventilated the policies verbatim or made only whimpers of hesitation about their "controversy". They failed to initially criticise the policies’ eugenicist goals or assess their plausibility. Indigenous media and commentators filled that gap, and mainstream responses eventually followed.