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(Image: WikiCommons)

Has there ever been a more fascinating family associated with the White House? Long a haven for grifters (heck, even Warren Harding made it), the rise and resilience of Jared Kushner -- Donald Trump's son-in-law -- remains one of the more bizarre aspects of an already very bizarre presidency. If Kushner has had a relatively easy ride until now, it looks like things are going to get a lot more difficult.

This week Kushner Inc, a detailed account of how Kushner and Ivanka Trump rose to power in the White House is released. According to The New York Times, the account by Vanity Fair’s Vicky Ward is not expected to be a flattering one. Kushner is also getting some backdraught from the recent US college admissions scandal, with his curious admission to Harvard -- which occurred shortly after his father donated several million dollars to the elite college -- coming back under the microscope.