The mass murder of Muslims in Christchurch perfectly fulfils the project of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and their jihadist offspring around the globe, including Islamic State: exploit the political, social and media structures of the West to provoke reactions that can be portrayed as revealing the homicidal Islamophobia of the heart of the West. This would allegedly -- in their thinking -- force even moderate and westernised Muslims to fight back.

The Dubya Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in which the Howard government gleefully joined, fitted this narrative perfectly. Security agencies across the West repeatedly warned us of this outcome -- and were repeatedly ignored. But the mass murder of Muslims at prayer by white terrorists also serves perfectly. The hijacker, the suicide bomber, the IS minion beheading a westerner for YouTube, the hate-filled white male slaughtering people in a mosque, are all brothers in arms in common cause -- to outrage, provoke, terrorise and will into existence the delusion that people with slightly varying versions of the same religious story, or of different racial origins, can't live peaceably and prosperously together.