Mark Latham Pauline Hanson

As News Corp Australasia boss Michael Miller and Daily Telegraph editor Ben English celebrate their newspapers' continued coverage of Friday's Christchurch massacre, one thing they haven't mentioned is the racist dog-whistling of the Australian media -- including their publications -- in recent years. Today, they are calling out the technology platforms that allowed the killer's video to be streamed live, but they are unsurprisingly yet to reflect on whether their own reporting has played any part.

Newspapers lead the way 

News Corp's papers have kept Islam in the news cycle by sheer quantity alone. A OnePath Network study which looked at five News Corp papers over the course of 2017 found almost 3000 articles published that were negative about Islam or Muslims. That covered the year that New Corp most stridently went after writer Yassmin Abdel-Mageid, a Muslim woman who became a target for her 2017 Anzac Day social media post.