George Pell charged

It's not quite the madness you might have expected. At the directions hearing, back in July 2017, I had arrived to see a great snaking line of people who had started arriving at dawn -- and his arrival was a state of frenzied bedlam. All that had been for a 10-minute hearing; you'd think the actual sentencing of the highest ranking Catholic to ever be convicted of child sex offences would be several magnitudes more crowded. But it's not. 

Of course, the bank of cameras are here as I rock up a bit after 8am: presenters for Sky, Ten, Today, rehearsing their lines, behind them a cohort of middle-aged women in navy blue, wearing several badges -- some from Care Leavers Australiasia Network (CLAN) -- and holding signs and moving them so the ABC can get them into the background of their shot. To the right, a little coffee stall, which must have expected to do a more roaring trade that it currently is.