Big Monday night for MAFS with 1.83 million viewers, 1.36 million in the metros. Less so for Seven's MKR which pulled in 1.16 million -- a long way behind. Not as far behind as Ten's Dancing With The Stars however, which even with the elimination announcement only managed to draw 713,000 -- slightly higher than its average viewership figure of 694,000. Ten ended up fourth overall and in the main channels behind the ABC which was well down on a week earlier.

With holidays in most states (but not NSW or Queensland), breakfast TV programs were mostly lower (except for The Morning Show on Seven which always has its best ratings on public holidays). Naturally that meant a sharp fall in the audience for Today -- 247,000 nationally and just 163,000 in the metros. Sunrise, 455,000 and 266,000 in the metros. The Morning Show, 265,000 -- but that will not last on Tuesday with everyone back at work.