George Brandis
(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Of all the Coalition's jobs for the boys in recent times, the appointment of George Brandis, the Abbott and Turnbull government's buffoonish attorney-general, to the position of High Commissioner to the UK was the most egregious. The position has gone from being a sinecure to which both sides could readily appoint former politicians -- Mike Rann and Alexander Downer held it consecutively earlier this decade -- to a more demanding position in light of Brexit and the United Kingdom's quest for a new economic position in the world.

Brandis -- who did himself no favours by mocking Labor's Mark Dreyfus in his valedictory speech in the Senate -- is the most likely of the Coalition's nepotees to be given the flick by Labor if it wins government. Joe Hockey in Washington has been badly damaged by his poor judgment in the Helloworld affair, but has otherwise done a good job of engaging with the Trump administration -- even if Trump doesn't know his name. Then again Trump doesn't know Tim Cook's name either.