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Crikey readers reacted yesterday to the Coalition’s ongoing inactivity on wage stagnation — inactivity brought into relief by the problem’s elevation to an election issue. Meanwhile, readers entered the conversation about Parliament’s “women problem”, the NSW Liberals’ contentious track record, and the issues with leaning too heavily on conservatism.

On the Coalition’s response to wage stagnation

Kerry Lovering writes: The real issue about wage stagnation is that capitalism depends on people having disposable incomes. Take away decent wages and companies will collapse with no customers. There will be no profit and no obscene bonus for directors. Small businesses like coffee shops and hairdressers are already disappearing. We all need the return of sensible and responsible unions to negotiate on our behalf.

On Parliament’s ‘women problem’

Sally Goldner writes: If this sort of bullying, harassment and discrimination happened in any other workplace there would be outrage and demands for action. Yet all we get are poor, cliched excuses like “politics is a tough game” from those rationalising this behaviour, and silence from these panelists when it happens in our parliaments. How come?

See how power works in this country.

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On the NSW government’s track record

Lee Tinson writes: Competent? Well, they ripped as much money out of Newcastle as they could to fund Sydney projects, dudded Newcastle port with what can only be called a seriously unethical deal with Port Kembla. And we’re left with a light rail that doesn’t work any better than the old one. So the money they gave back was wasted on a useless project that still has no visible business plan. That’s our premier. That’s our government. This government needs at least two terms in the wilderness learning what it is that the citizens of the state, not just Sydney, need and want from them.

On Julie Bishop’s replacement

John Ryan writes: If they keep cramming the Liberal party with very conservative women and men they will discover they are unelectable apart from with News Corp readers.

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See how power works in this country.

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