Millennial Greens senator Jordan Steele-John (Image: AAP/Rohan Thomson)

Readers had a few things to add to the conversation about what is keeping millennials out of politics in Australia, pointing out that the media has done its share to raise barriers of entry. Meanwhile, readers responded to the delusion of the Australian business class as evident at the AFR Business Summit.

On Australian politics’ millennial problem. 

Jim Catt writes: Yes, the internet never forgets, but it also gets its memory jogged from time to time. In the case of Joanna Nilson, I understand that the offending posts were uncovered by an ALP “dirt unit” which then provided them to a grateful media. The exploitation of social media histories by unscrupulous political parties is likely to continue and grow, making these sorts of issues common in future elections.

Mark E Smith writes: People like AOC are precisely what’s needed. The smell of revolution brewing is one of the few things that will generate actual change and not just focus groups and campaign promises. There’s quite a bit of worried hand wringing in the conservative business press lately. The ruling classes tend to know their history and they can see the tide changing.

On the delusion of the Australian business class

Brian Crooks writes: The simple fact is a low wage economy is a recession waiting to happen, maybe even a depression. The self styled economic experts do not seem able to grasp this simple fact. In an economy where incomes go down and living costs go up there is soon reached a level where borrowing to pay basic living costs is unsustainable. The US and now Britain are living proof of this simple fact. The Scandinavian high-wage economies go from strength to strength while the low wage economies wallow at the bottom; the Tories either don’t understand this or don’t want to understand this, and that’s why their time is ending.

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Greg Wilson writes: Why is it that we don’t hear anything like this from the media in general? Are they all asleep? Do I feel a major change brewing in this country, and will the current Labor leadership be able to carry it off?

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