Michael Daley
NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley. (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Readers were hesitant to back NSW Labor leader Michael Daley’s crusade against the Liberals’ new stadium plans (though many were buoyed by his take-down of Alan Jones). As some readers put it, even if the money is saved, voters outside of Sydney probably won’t see a cent of it. Elsewhere, readers weighed in on the ongoing conservative Pell defence saga, and the scare campaign that’s suggesting unions will wrest control of industry super funds.

On Michael Daley v the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust 

John Attwood writes: News tonight that the court has determined the destruction of the stadiums can go ahead. Not really surprising, given that the court is based in Sydney. By all means, knock the bloody things down, but do not use any of my tax money to rebuild. Instead, use the money to build useful infrastructure in the state, not just Sydney.

On conservatives’ defence for Pell

Venise Alstergren writes: I confess to a healthy bout of schadenfreude to see people such as Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, John Howard and Tony Abbott rushing in to add their penny’s worth of outraged virtue to this unholy mess. These are the very people who have done so much to buttress Pell’s ex-standing in the community. With one strike of their rusty swords they threaten to send this country back to the 1940s.

Mark E Smith writes: “Conservative Catholicism has become the glue holding the Australian intellectual right together …” I rather doubt it. I’m sure there must be a few on the intellectual right who aren’t Catholics or even religious.

Glen Davis writes: Pell’s conviction is a criminal decision. It is not a matter for celebration, it is a jury decision reached following a trial in which the defence was the best that money can buy.  This process is simply the best that we have been able to devise for deciding such matters. What does Pell’s conviction say about Catholicism? Religion? Politics? To me, it says nothing about these matters.

On the anti-industry super fund scare

Peter Wileman writes: Greg Combet is exactly who we need to replace Bill Shorten to ensure a Labor government after the upcoming election.

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