Chris Pyne resignation Scott Morrison Coalition
(Image: AAP/Alan Porritt)

Empty of policies, led by a man empty of ideas, the Morrison government is increasingly empty of actual ministers. At least Labor's mass exodus was all done and dusted in the immediate aftermath of Kevin Rudd's return. For Scott Morrison, it's been a drip-by-drip emptying (in the case of Nigel Scullion and Steve Ciobo, actual drips). The mates are leaving the barbie, despite the blandishments of the bloke in the "World's Greatest PM" apron wielding the tongs.

Even after departing, some can't let the events of last August go. Julie Bishop -- who was a dismal failure in domestic portfolios in opposition, including a disastrous stint as shadow treasurer -- is convinced that in a parallel universe she'd be a freshly elected prime minister, another in the long line of Liberals convinced they had the measure of Bill Shorten.