Jordan Peterson

He’s heeeeeeeere, he sounds like Kermit, and he is one of the most perplexing cultural phenomena of our era. Jordan Peterson, academic psychologist and therapist turned global lecturer and minor icon, is on his second tour through the antipodes, including an appearance tonight on Q&A.

It may well be the last time Australians see him in the flesh. A sensation a couple of years ago, he can still pull a crowd, but a lot of the buzz is gone -- not least in the diminished attention of protesters, for whom he was once practically the number two target, after Milo Yiannopoulos. With his paterfamilias injunctions -- "stand up straight" -- and his celebration of individualism drawn from animal studies (lobsters, mainly), he offered a section of the populace exactly what he said they shouldn’t be seeking: easy answers to a successful life. That buzz always wears off, and so it goes now.