In this era of the death of neoliberalism, when the party of the right vies with progressives to be the greatest interventionist, the most aggressive trust-buster and the toughest regulator in politics, there's one industry where it's still political fashion to pander to business at the expense of consumers: agriculture.

Yesterday, the ALP tried to introduce a bill into the House of Representatives establishing a process for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to set a floor price for milk. That comes after a kerfuffle over the Woolworths shareholder and Agriculture Minister David Littleproud calling for a boycott of Woolworths rivals Coles and Aldi on the basis that they wouldn't follow Woolies in increasing milk prices by 10%. Ten per cent is more than five times the current rate of inflation, at a time when wages are growing at around 2% (Littleproud has since dumped his shares).