Jeremy Corbyn

Well they’ve only gone and bloody done it, haven’t they? In the UK, seven Labour MPs have quit the party, and announced that they will sit on the crossbenches. They’ve named themselves "Independent Group", announced that they won’t be forming a new party, yet, and that they have no leader. Their most prominent members are north London MP Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna, the slick half-Nigerian MP for Streathem in South London, who had once been spoken of as a possible leadership contender.

Who are they?

The seven independents are all from the right of the party, and they variously argued -- at a press conference stuffed into a small Westminster room, enlivened by a hot-mic’ed BBC tech mumbling "we're actually fucked" at various moments -- that Labour had become a dictatorship of the leadership group, imposing socialist ideas far to the left of Labour, refusing to campaign for a second referendum because they are secret Brexiteers, and failing to tackle anti-Semitism within the party, which they claim to be of epidemic proportions.