George HW Bush's inauguration. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)


So while the film Vice is garnering attention both for another Christian Bale De Niro-esque body transformation and its explication of unitary executive theory, Seymour Hersh has argued it was George HW Bush who was the original veep power behind the throne, running much of US foreign policy and Reagan-era covert ops, as well as being up to his ear in Iran-Contra. Possibly Hersh was waiting for Bush to die before leveling his claims.

And speaking of veeps who became presidents, if you’ve read Robert Caro’s books on LBJ, you’ll know he was simultaneously one of the crookedest and one of the most idealistic men to ever occupy the White House. Inexplicably, the now elderly Caro has taken time out to write about how he began digging into Johnson’s corruption — inexplicably because we all want that last volume stat.