Era beach shack
The beach shacks at Era, NSW (Image: Georgia Holloway)

One hour south of Sydney, 95 shacks line the coast along Era Gully. There is no mobile phone reception, and the shacks are kitted out with kerosene fridges and ovens. Buckets are used as shower heads, empty beer bottles are used in retaining walls, and the nearest road -- a narrow, uneven dirt one -- is more than 2km away by foot.

To most people, these shacks are historical relics. Built on the land of Dharawal people, the first shack went up in 1910, and most others were established during the Great Depression. Many workers made their way down the hill from the Helensburgh Mine, searching for refuge and stability.

To 24-year-old Georgia Holloway, however, they are home. She was raised in shack 16.