Donald Trump Fast Food hamburgers
(Image: White House/Joyce N. Boghosian)

Must have been a hell of a learning curve for Joyce Boghosian, the official White House photographer. Pretty much a starting-from-scratch sort of thing. Pete Souza, Obama’s snapper, had perfected a sort of high-sheen Vanity Fair approach, using the One’s leanness as a sort of organising principle -- alternating between composed and funky, big grinning. Boghosian’s boss is a man who likes standing in front of a gold elevator.

She’s got the hang of it by now, but two days ago, she must have been changing lenses, thinking "what the fuck now?", as White House staff loaded in plates of hundreds of Wendy's and McDonald's hamburgers, apple pies, and grudgingly, a half dozen or so salads.