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With only a few days left to rail against various governments’ various failings, Crikey readers wasted no time. First there was the growing split between the federal and NSW Liberal parties — brought into full relief in a recent discussion on energy policy. Then there was the Coalition’s continued mistreatment of people locked in the backwards unemployment sector. And elsewhere, the less publicised problems of South Australia’s Marshall government got a long-awaited rinsing. 

On the federal-state Liberal beef

Paddy writes: Despite having yet another week of spectacular own goals, I really did think we’d passed through the looking glass when I read that Scottie had come up with Margaret Cunneen to advise the Govt on its CIC. That’s a positively Trumpian appointment.

Robert Smith writes: The NSW Libs wanted the feds to go to an election first to take the whack from the voters before the NSW election. For obvious reasons ScoMo declined. This is the growing payback for the NSW Libs.

Steven Westbrook writes: For those who remember the 1970s, running against your own mob in Canberra worked well for Don Dunstan in South Australia and then Bjelke-Petersen in Queensland. In recent times, we have got used to Premiers singing off a party loyalist song-sheet.

On the government’s treatment of unemployed workers

Peter Schulz writes: Ah, but if we don’t scapegoat the unemployed, the sheeple might start to question the last 40 years of neoliberalism which has been so good to the big capitalists and their servants in the two major parties. Why change a system that’s working?

Vasco writes: This exposes the inexcusable and shameful treatment of our citizens who are regarded with contempt. Labor has dropped the ball again on this. The advocacy groups fighting for these people should be listened to and their advice acted on now. Putting off any hope of change for 18 months if elected is immoral and unnecessary. You will be judged by the way the least of us are treated Labor.

On the Marshall government’s accomplishments in SA

Xoanon writes: Was disgusted by the Marshall government’s recent decision to drop its share of the annual subsidy toward running the overland train between Adelaide and Melbourne — this, from a state which has zero state-run regional train services. Luckily the Victorian government has a bit more vision, and picked up most of the tab to keep it running.

Leftist Frother writes: They seem to be yet another liberal government doomed to one term. It makes you wonder that why they were unable to come with a coherent plan after spending 16 years in the political wilderness.

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